Wedding Planning: 9 months out.

If I got pregnant right now, I’d probably have the baby during the wedding. I think I just thought of the new hip wedding trend. Someone create a pin.

We’re too far out from the wedding date to do anything very constructive, but far enough out that I can spend every waking moment of my existence browsing the wedding section of Pinterest and crafting the *PeRfEcT wEdDiNg* that all of your guests will TALK ABOUT UNTIL THEY DIE!!!!111

I think it’s worthwhile to discuss the Pinterest Problem (TM). 80% of me loves Pinterest. I love the different ideas I’ve gotten, the color inspiration, the real brides posting real struggles and past brides posting what they wish they had done. I love the private board with wedding dress ideas. That’s all great. 20% of me is stressed the fuck out by all of the thousands of weddings that will always be more perfect than mine. The pressure that goes hand-in-hand with social media influenced wedding planning is a little crazy. Just when you think you know exactly what you want, you come across a pin that is all “NO WEDDING IS COMPLETE WITHOUT LAWN GAMES” and I’m all like “shit, you’re right. LAWN GAMES. How could I forget that?” And now I’m destined to spend an entire day trying to DIY a game of cornhole.


No, but seriously Those are doilies on top of burlap. Stop it.

Also, I’m sick of seeing the phrases “rustic” and “shabby chic” attached to pictures of brown burlap. What the hell is “shabby chic”? Is that a fancy way of saying “Really expensive things that are designed to look like cheap decorations from your grandmother’s house, to seem vintage and cool, self-aware about how tacky it all is”? (AKA, hipster).

Anyway, when it comes down to it, Pinterest is helpful for me because I’m pretty clueless when it comes to… colors. And decorating. And dresses. And all of the things normal girls practice their entire lives. Just get me to the cake tasting, and I’ll be home.

So, 9 months out. We have a venue, a DJ, and a photographer.



I wanted to find a photographer right away. I looked at so many wedding pictures for about two weeks, but ended up right back where I started with Justine Johnson. I found her of Off-Beat Bride and A Practical Wedding (the latter being my most favorite planning website I’ve found so far), and couldn’t get her out of my mind from the second I saw her homepage. She’s exactly what I was searching for – interesting pictures that capture the little moments. We’re straining to work her into the budget (Roddy and I are saving to get her for additional hours), but of all the little and big details of this wedding, the right photographer was important to me. And I’m psyched to work with her.

Also, I officially want to take photography classes, so if someone can buy me a fancy camera, that’d be great. (And, no, that’s not what the wedding registry is for, so don’t suggest it).

We’ll be in Maine in less than 2 weeks to eat some cake, talk flowers, walk the venue, see my family, and check out Bar Harbor in the fall. It’s our only trip between now and next July, so hopefully we get some good stuff done.

I could promise that this won’t be all I talk about for the next 9 months, but…


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